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Ethel Poplovski

Ethel Poplovski - Worship Council Coordinator

Let me begin with the purpose of our Worship Committee. Our worship statement is listed each week on our bulletins.  “COME, make time and space to encounter the living God with us today.  BE TRANSFORMED as you experience the sacred and hear the message of Jesus relevant to your life today.  BE RENEWED through songs and prayers that celebrate life in harmony with our Creator.  BE MADE WHOLE as you re-connect with a God and a community who love you just as you are.  Our hope and prayer is that as you worship, God’s awesome presence and the company of this community of faith will make a holy impact on you.” 


Our Worship Committee members review how well we are achieving the goals in our statement.  We seek their advice on improvements in our worship service and discussions on worship issues and/or concerns.  This is my second year as Chair of the Worship Committee.


I was raised in a small United Methodist Baltimore City church.  I began attending at 4 years of age.  God Blessed me with many mentors (pastors and lay persons) in my church.  I was encouraged by them to grow and live in my faith.  Following organ lessons paid for by my church, at the age of 14 I became the organist….I retired after serving for 50 years.  In addition, over the years I served the church as a Sunday School teacher, Bible School teacher, Worship Chair, and PPRC Chair.  I thank and praise God for all he has done and will continue to do for me.  This includes when the time came for me to move on from my small city church. 


Fortunately, our search for a new church didn’t take long.  We “discovered” Back River UMC by attending an Easter Sunrise service which was advertised in the local paper.  We were warmly greeted and welcomed on our first visit to the church.  Bill and I knew immediately this would be our church.   As a member of BRUMC I continue to share my talents that God has given me which include being a member of the musicians team who lead the music for Worship and my hospital visitation ministry. 


I have been married since 1961 (Bill Poplovski, Jr), have two children (Sharon Thompson and Bill Poplovski, III) and five grandchildren.  I am one of five children (a sister and three brothers).  My sister (Shirl, a BRUMC member) and I take care of our home-bound mother. We have a large, loving, extended family including many nieces and nephews and their families.  We enjoy getting together often. 


I recently was honored at a dinner for working 40 years with Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health.  I am still working full time.  God continues to provide and lead me in my journey through life. I am constantly reminded of the saying “God is Good, All the Time; All the Time, God is Good”