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Phyliss King

Phyliss King - Treasurer

I’m a widowed mother of one teenage boy named Matthew who keeps me busy and has been a wonderful blessing in my life.  I’ve lived in the Essex area since I was a teenager and was baptized here at Back River as a baby.  My mother also attended here when she was a young girl, and we both visited the church in 2006 when we were searching for a new church.  I’ve been attending regularly since then.  Currently, I serve as the church treasurer. 


I’m employed part-time with Academy Financial in Lutherville as an assistant to a financial planner.  My previous work experience was 26 years with Lincoln Financial Group where I worked full-time as a Senior Finance Manager before being job eliminated as a result of company restructuring.


I enjoy family gatherings, cooking, gardening, shopping with my Mom, video taping & photography, crafts, and making personalized gifts. 


I’m grateful that God has given me a church family that is filled with wonderful people making a Holy Impact on the World!